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About Us

January, 2016


A life changing family event made me realise that life is way too short and that you have to do what you want to do now, because if you wait for the right time, it might never come!


So it was now or never to do the thing I had always dreamed of and set up my own business, putting all my previous knowledge and experience into practise.


Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with cleaning my home (if hoovering twice a day is obsessive?). If you invite me round for a chat and a coffee, you can pretty much guarantee I will be cleaning your kitchen before I leave and that is when I had my light bulb moment and “Love my cleaner” was born!


The name says it all really, it's not "tolerate my cleaner", "put up with my cleaner", "my cleaner will do", "chase my cleaner", "where's my cleaner?" or "get a second job to be able to afford my cleaner". If you don’t like your cleaner, you will "Love my cleaner!"


We're a new business, and we're learning all the time, but at the core of every decision that we make and everything that we do is the question:


Will our customers want to say "I love my cleaner"? If they do, then we're doing it right.





Love My Cleaner Ltd.

Blackchapel Drive, Rochdale, OL16 4QU

Company number: 10322472. Registered in England and Wales.